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SELinux with omarine policy: Allowing a guest user to login without a password

Version and release, version and version number, release and release number

Generally the version and release concepts can be used interchangeably. For example, version Omarine 6.0 and release Omarine 6.0 are the same. But they may be slightly different. The easiest way to clarify this is to state the following:
“We release this version second time.”
However, in RPM package management (and perhaps other package manager programs) there is no difference between version and release. This is to ensure the cleanliness of the system when installed. A new release of a package is a new version. Old package is upgraded to new package and the old package is removed.
A package with a new version number is of course a new package, called a new version or new release. But a package with the same version number but with a new release number when it is rebuilt, is also considered a new package, so is also a new version or new release. In this case, although the package was rebuilt with the same source code version but the dependencies have changed, so it has the new functionality.

How to create a .patch file?

When building open source packages, we don't just get binary packages. The bigger, we approach the scientific and technical achievements and observe the evolution of scientific and technical activities in the world. The scientific and technical achievements in the world are finite, but your imagination and your creative potential based on it are limitless.

How to install Omarine from a USB stick?

Making an Omarine installation USB stick

Cyber security: Unpredictable Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator is an important factor of security activity to create cryptographic keys and passwords.