SELinux with omarine policy: Creating your own rules to add to the security policy

If you want to create your own rules to add to the security policy, read this article to learn how to do through an example. See SELinux with omarine policy: SELinux User Capabilities. We create a module named systemctlstatus to allow systemd services to check the status of other systemd services. Create file systemctlstatus.te (extension […]

How to configure FTP server to support SSL/TLS?

Full documentation to configure FTP server with proftpd is provided at Here we confirm the configuration in practice. In addition to the default configuration in Omarine, you add the configuration directives below. First, load the mod_tls module <IfModule mod_dso.c> LoadModule mod_tls.c </IfModule> Then add the section <IfModule mod_tls.c>. The directives for the configuration have […]

FUZZY – The job news filter: Rank – Salary – Citizen problem welcomes the new year 2019 with an information filter that can be applied to job networks, using fuzzy inference. When there is a job news from the employer, that information is provided to the candidate who has logged in to the network. But is the job news suitable for candidates? How to choose only […]

Version and release, version and version number, release and release number

Generally the version and release concepts can be used interchangeably. For example, version Omarine 6.0 and release Omarine 6.0 are the same. But they may be slightly different. The easiest way to clarify this is to state the following: “We release this version second time.” However, in RPM package management (and perhaps other package manager […]

Omarine Update 3.0 released!

Whenever new packages are available, Omarine Update will notify you about the update. Omarine Update 3.0 is a simple script but great. It takes advantage of RPM’s package management capabilities for querying and verifying packages. From which Omarine Update 3.0 identifies the packages in the update list that your system already has, and filters out […]

Remote login using ssh in enforcing mode, why enforcing mode is secure?

Accessing with ssh is indispensable for both Cloud Computing and IoT. The general principle is that there is a ssh key pair at the client and the public key will be sent to the remote machine. The following command generates ssh key pair of rsa type with size of 4096 bits: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b […]