MinerGate CEO Claude Lecomte on Cryptocurrency Mining

This Article is Originally Posted on CoinCentral.com written by ALEX MOSKOV The computer has come a long way from being a gigantic hunk of a metal and plastic surrounded by groups of curious men and women with clipboards. Fast-forward a few decades, personal computers have become everything from a means to connect to the rest of the […]

Billionaire Building a $300 Million AI, Blockchain and Crypto Hub in the U.S.

This Article is Originally Posted on CoinCentral.com written by ELIZABETH GAIL Chinese billionaire investor and media mogul Bruno Wu is planning on building a $300 million blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence (AI) hub in Hartford, Connecticut for talent development. According to Business Insider, the Seven Stars Cloud (SSC) group is the main investment entity in the project […]


This Article is Originally Posted on MintDice.com   Quadrant is a blockchain protocol designed to solve the problem of data sourcing and organization. The platform collects data from disparate sources, organizes them and creates new data products from these sources that users can easily purchase. Data from the Quadrant network is stamped using a SHA256 algorithm to ensure […]

Bitcoin Mining Giants Woo Miners with Next-Generation Chips

This Article Is Originally Posted by CoinCentral.com   and Written By ELIZABETH GAIL Bitcoin mining, hardware maker,  Bitmain ,  has announced  a new next-gen ASIC chip dubbed the BM1391. Bitmain’s co-founder, Jihan Wu, recently made an announcement at the Digital Mining Summit in Georgia. Designed to run on the SHA256 algorithm, the 7nm Finfet mining […]

Football Predictions 2.0: Why use id3 to create checking samples?

Football Predictions uses neural network so a checking sample set is needed to evaluate the network configuration. The checking samples can be part of the problem’s sample set and the network will learn the rest. But this way is not good because the network will not be fully learned and may have big errors. The […]