Omarine Update 3.0 released!

Whenever new packages are available, Omarine Update will notify you about the update. Omarine Update 3.0 is a simple script but great. It takes advantage of RPM’s package management capabilities for querying and verifying packages. From which Omarine Update 3.0 identifies the packages in the update list that your system already has, and filters out […]

Remote login using ssh in enforcing mode, why enforcing mode is secure?

Accessing with ssh is indispensable for both Cloud Computing and IoT. The general principle is that there is a ssh key pair at the client and the public key will be sent to the remote machine. The following command generates ssh key pair of rsa type with size of 4096 bits: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b […]

Microsoft joined the open source community

As a member of the OIN community, I am excited to announce that Microsoft has joined the open source community. Specifically, on October 10, Microsoft has become a community member of OIN – the largest non-invasive patents community in history. By joining OIN, Microsoft acknowledged the importance of open source, and collaborated instead of being […]

SELinux with omarine policy: SELinux User Capabilities

Unlike Linux users where each user has a specific name like tho, emin, SELinux user is a group of users that have the same capabilities in terms of security context. For example, the standard SELinux user is user_u, the administration staff is staff_u. By convention, SELinux user names usually end with _u. The special case, […]