AWK & Bash

We continue to explore another interesting example of text processing. That is, extract the package name from the full .rpm package file name, in two ways: using AWK and using Bash.
We take the package file omarine-update-3.2-1.x86_64.rpm to illustrate, and will extract to get “omarine-update”

Using AWK
You compose a source file named pkgname.awk with the following content:

    OLDFS = FS
    FS = "-"
    $0 = $0
    printf "%s", $1
    for (i = 2; i <= NF - 2; i++)
        printf "%s", "-"$i
    print ""
    FS = OLDFS

Run the program:

echo omarine-update-3.2-1.x86_64.rpm | awk -f pkgname.awk

Using Bash
We can use Bash itself to output “omarine-update”. You run these commands:

echo ${pkgname%-*}

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