Microsoft joined the open source community

As a member of the OIN community, I am excited to announce that Microsoft has joined the open source community. Specifically, on October 10, Microsoft has become a community member of OIN – the largest non-invasive patents community in history.

By joining OIN, Microsoft acknowledged the importance of open source, and collaborated instead of being thought of as opposed to the open source community as before.

The open source community now has more a big membership and, in particular, we have the right to use Microsoft’s source code and touching the Microsoft trademark. Great!

Being an open source researcher I know that open source software is very rich. However, Microsoft’s source code has the featured characteristics we can learn. Now it’s good.

In my opinion, we can learn Microsoft the following two points:

    • Generate general algorithms applied to a software class.
    • Gradually migrate software packages from C to C++ if not yet.

Pham Thanh Tuyen

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