Creating manageable virtual machines: Making a boot disk image


Making a boot disk image is similar to the steps in Bring Omarine to a cloud. However, there are some adjustments:

  1. Install additionally the dhcp-4.3.5-1.x86_64 package.
  2. When running the new operating system, in addition to the sub-steps in there, configure it as a client.
  3. For virtual machines using dynamic IP address, set hostname for it, for example:

    sudo hostnamectl set-hostname guest-1

  4. For virtual machines using static IP address, unset the hostname:

    sudo hostnamectl set-hostname ""

  5. We only need to create a disk.raw image, no need to compress the image. Compression is only for file transfer and archiving.

To prepare for virtual machines that use static IP addresses, you add records to the name server as follows:


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