Xfce 4.14 and XScreenSaver 5.43


Xfce 4.14 was released after 4 years of waiting. It is the most appropriate desktop environment when users need to work on multiple tasks at the same time. This new version also improves the interface, completes and adds features, updates to coordinate with third-party software.

Activating xscreensaver service

Omarine designed the xscreensaver service to allow users to easily run or stop running screensaver and lock screen xscreensaver. If it is the first time, enable and start the service as follows:

systemctl --user enable xscreensaver
systemctl --user start xscreensaver

You need to make sure to turn off the screen blanking and screen locking of the desktop environment. For Xfce, go to Applications → Settings → Session and Startup → Saved Sessions, then click Clear Saved Sessions to delete saved sessions

Setting XScreenSaver parameters

Run the xscreensaver program (xscreensaver-demo)

Click the Advanced tab

Check the Power Management Enabled checkbox. You can enter the same values ​​for Standby After and Suspend After, for example 15 minutes. The Off After item is generally not used because it depends on the laptop hardware, enter the biggest value: 1440.

The gtk-xfce-engine package is no longer in use
Xfce 4.14 does not use gtk-xfce-engine, so you need to remove it from the system, run the following command as root user:

rpm -e gtk-xfce-engine
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