I Ching Algorithm: The Luo River Diagram and the forecast of Three Epochs - Nine Fortunes


When it comes to the Eight Trigrams, it is impossible not to mention The Luo River Diagram
We know that the Eight Trigrams defines 8 directions in space. That is geospatial, static space. But the universe is in constant motion, so the qi fields of the universe affecting life on the ground are always changing. The calendar method with astronomical survey results shows that the qi field changes of the universe are cyclical and follow the laws of motion of 9 stars on the table. 9 stars correspond to 9 numbers of The Luo River Diagram (abbreviated as Luoshu) and the stars "fly" on the table according to the law of moving numbers, in two directions of ups and downs. The changing numbers form the basis of the spatial variation of the qi fields of the universe. From there, the Nine Stars Destiny was born.
In this article we use modern science to further strengthen the theory of Nine Stars Destiny.
While the Eight Trigrams is made up of 8 binary numbers, Luoshu consists of 9 decimal numbers. Luoshu numbers moves starts from the center, with the number 5 first. In the ascending direction, 5 to 6, 6 to 7, 7 to 8, 8 to 9, 9 into 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5. Then start again from the center, 6 to 7, 7 to 8, …, etc. In the descending direction, 5 to 4, 4 to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1, 1 into 9, 9 to 8, 8 to 7, 7 to 6, 6 to 5. Then start again from the center, 4 to 3, 3 to 2, …, etc. The increase (or decrease) of Luoshu numbers goes through 9 steps back to their original form. Each step a Luoshu number (or Nine Stars number) located in the center of the table representing one of the 9 qi fields in heaven and earth that govern the whole of human life.

The calendar-makers of the Song dynasty, China calculated the year Sui King ascended the throne, ie 604, the year of the planet Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and the Moon, the Sun being on the same line with the Earth called Seven Stars Meeting. This time is considered to be the beginning of the Stems-and-Branches era, i.e. the year of the Jia-Rat, the month of the Jia-Rat, the day of the Jia-Rat, and is the timeline of a 180-year weather cycle. It took 180 years to see Seven Stars Meeting again and the weather returned to the way it was.
A Jia-Rat round is 60 years, so 180 years includes 3 Jia-Rat rounds, called a Three Epochs consisting of three Epochs. The first Epoch or first Jia-Rat round is Upper Epoch. The second round is Middle Epoch. The third round is Lower Epoch. Every 60 years is a Great Fortune, and it is divided into three Little Fortunes, 20 years each, known as Fortune for short. Upper Epoch includes Fortune 1, Fortune 2, and  Fortune 3. Middle Epoch includes Fortune 4, Fortune 5, and Fortune 6. Lower Epoch includes Fortune 7, Fortune 8, Fortune 9. Nine Fortunes fits nine numbers of The Luo River Diagram, nine stars and nine qi fields. The Fortunes are taken by name corresponding to the numbers of Luoshu. Fortune 1 is White One. Fortune 2 is Black Two. Fortune 3 is Blue Three. Fortune 4 is the Green Four. Fortune 5 is Yellow Five. Fortune 6 is White Six. Fortune 7 is Red Seven. Fortune 8 is White Eight. Fortune 9 is Burgundy Nine.

Why 9 numbers?
Under historical factors, there was no zero in The Luo River Diagram's time. The ancients could only represent numbers by black and white dots. Below is The Luo River Diagram chart

Luoshu numbers are written in sentences for easy remembering: “Wear [a hat] nine, pedal one; Right three, left seven; Two, four as shoulders; Six, eight as legs".
Another reason is that base counting numbers have only nine numbers from 1 to 9, no 0. The number 0 is not a natural number (ℕ+), it can only come after other numbers. Initially when there was a need for the number 0 people represented it by an blank position so the number 0 cannot stand alone in the role of an Luoshu number. Philosophically, zero is not equality for other numbers. It is "no" while all other numbers are "yes". It is divisible by all other numbers but no number is divisible by it.
But the most important reason is, nine numbers from 1 to 9 are just enough for a square matrix of level 3 used to transform the qi field space as if The Creator had arranged it.
The original Luoshu matrix has a special equilibrium: The sum of all the numbers on the rows, on the columns and on the two diagonals is all equal (equal to 15) and triples the number in the center (number 5, is also the mean of nine Luoshu numbers). We perform the nine-step transformation of the matrix in the increasing direction

That is the nine transformation matrices of the nine fortunes. Now take the unit vector [1, 1, 1], multiply the left side by the transformation matrices one by one to see how the qi field space rotates, starting from the fortune White One

Projecting the space on the xy plane and building a 3D chart, we get the Three Epochs graph spreading like three petals and exactly corresponding to the Upper Epoch, the Middle Epoch and the Lower Epoch

The largest amplitude of qi moving along the x-axis is the distance from Fortune 1 to Fortune 6, which is exactly 100 years apart. Thus, the largest oscillation amplitude of the qi fields is in the period of one century. Every 100 years, the human race undergoes great changes.
In the middle of each epochs ie Fortune 2, Fortune 5, Fortune 8 the qi gathers to the center, all of which are Earth qi. These are the fortunes of global matters. Currently we are at the end of the 8th fortune and are entangled in the Covid problem. It will not be until 2024 which be beginning of the 9th fortune that the qi will dissipate.

Five elements Nine Stars
Both the Nine Stars and the Eight Trigrams rely on the qi field of the universe to make judgments, but the Eight Trigrams senses the instantaneous qi according to the quintessence of the hexagrams for prediction while the Nine Stars is more specific - tracking the circulation of the qi fields on the basis of calculating the calendar and observing actual astronomical phenomena combined with analysis to forecast the situation.
In the hypothetical static state, i.e. the base Flying Stars - Heaven Table with the initial numbers of Luoshu, the Yellow Five in the centeral sector, the five elements of the Nine Stars are the same as the Eight Trigrams except with the addition of the Earth element in the center. The Nine Stars uses 7 colors for the sectors

  1. The number 1 is White One - Water Star, the element Water, the direction is North, corresponding to the hexagram Water, white color.
  2. The number 2 is Black Two - Earth Star, the element Earth (yin Earth), the southwest direction, corresponding to the hexagram Earth, black.
  3. The number 3 is Blue Three - Wood Star, the element Wood (yang Wood), the main direction East, corresponding to the hexagram Thunder, blue.
  4. Number 4 is Green Four - Wood Star, the element Wood (yin Wood), Southeast direction, corresponding to the hexagram Wind, green color.
  5. Number 5 is Yellow Five - Earth Star, the element Earth, in the middle (center), corresponding to two hexagrams: Earth hexagram in the Southwest (yin Earth) and Mountain hexagram in the Northeast (yang Earth).
  6. Number 6 is White Six - Metal Star, element Metal (yang Metal), northwest direction, corresponding to the hexagram Metal, white.
  7. The number 7 is the Red Seven - Metal Star, the element Metal (yin Metal), the main direction of the West, corresponding to the hexagram Lake, red.
  8. Number 8 is White Eight - Earth Star, the element Earth (yang Earth), the northeast direction, corresponding to the hexagram Mountain, white.
  9. Number 9 is Burgundy Nine - Fire Star, the element Fire, south direction, corresponding to hexagram Fire, burgundy color

In general, burgundy is best. Medium good white. Red, blue and green are normal. Black and yellow are bad.

Star Table's yin and yang pairs
Each Luoshu number represents a named qi field. When a number is at the center, called Heaven Center, its qi field dominates the whole world. It was found that when looking at the Nine Stars Year Fortune for a man, for example, the number 6, White Six - Metal Star, ie the yang qi is 6, then the female Nine Stars Year Fortune of that year is the yin qi, the number 9. Conversely, if yang qi is 9, then yin qi is 6. There are 9 pairs of such yin and yang on Star Table:

  • “Yang 6, Yin 9” and “Yang 9, Yin 6”
  • “Yang 7, Yin 8” and “Yang 8, Yin 7”
  • “Yang 5, Yin 1” and “Yang 1, Yin 5”
  • “Yang 4, Yin 2” and “Yang 2, Yin 4”
  • “Yang 3, Yin 3”

The Nine Stars of Great Fortune
The year 604 with the phenomenon of Seven Stars Meeting was the first year of the Jia-Rat of the Stems-and-Branches era. Up to now 2021 – 604 = 1417 years have passed. 1417 years is equivalent to 23 rounds of the Jia-Rat and 37 years. From 604 through 23 rounds of the Jia-Rat, 1984 is also the year of the Jia-Rat. In the next 10 years, keeping the stem, receding branch 2 positions is the year of the Jia-Dog. 10 years more is the year of the Jia-Monkey. 10 years more is the year of the Jia-Horse. Thus, 30 years have passed since the first year of the 1984 Jia-Rat, so it's 2014. After 7 more years, 2020, it's the year of the Gang-Rat, so this year is the year of the Xin-Ox.
King Kinh Duong Vuong ascended the throne in 2879 BC, which was the beginning of Vietnamese history. Up to the year 604 has spent 2879 + 604 - 1 = 3482 = 58 * 60 + 2 years, which is 58 rounds of the Jia-Rat and 2 years. Thus, two years after the King ascended the throne (in 2877 BC) was the year of the Jia-Rat. The year 2878 BC is the year of the Gui-Pig, so 2879 BC - the beginning of Vietnamese history is the year of the Ren-Dog.
A Great Fortune is a Epoch and also a round of the Jia-Rat. From the first year of the Stems-and-Branches era (604) to 1984, it underwent 23 Great Fortune(s). We are now in the next Great Fortune, that is, the contemporary Great Fortune that will last until the end of 2043.
Thus, the Great Fortune chain from the founding of Vietnam until now is as follows:
The last 2 years of the first Great Fortune + 58 Great Fortune(s) + 23 Great Fortune(s) + the current Great Fortune =
The last 2 years of the first Great Fortune + 81 Great Fortune(s) + the current Great Fortune
Therefore, Vietnam is in the 83rd Great Fortune until the end of 2043.
The Nine Stars of Great Fortune are calculated according to the ascending direction of the number of Luoshu. From 1, to 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, to 6, to 7, to 8, to 9, to 1, to 2, to 3…, and so on.
After 9 Great Fortune(s) (ie 3 Three Epochs) it returns to the same way. Great Fortune 1 is White One, Great Fortune 10 is White One again..., so Great Fortune 82 is White One, inferring that the current Great Fortune of Vietnam is Black Two - Earth Star

Black Two - Earth Star Great Fortune is not good because of its color. The disadvantage of Earth is stagnation and difficulty in development. The nation people still operate manually instead of applying science and technology, generally still on the basis of agricultural production. Good luck in the east, very good Wood - Fire mutual interaction. The Heaven qi from the sea brings benefits to the mainland, Fire generates Earth, unfortunately, the earth qi has to beget another so it costs, but the inside of the center is black, so it is often invaded. The Heaven Center often has to support the North - Earth controls Water, but there was Red Seven - Metal Star who was in the West to occupy the Water sector, so it also helped. White One - Water Star therefore turns to the Southeast, so don't underestimate it.

Little Fortune's Nine Stars
Little Fortune is the main character in the work Three Epochs - Nine Fortunes. Nine fortunes is just finishing a Three Epochs, repeating Seven Stars Meeting as before. So every 1st fortune is White One - Water Star, 2nd is Black Two - Earth Star, ..., until 9th is Burgundy Nine - Fire Star.
Currently it is the 8th fortune White Eight - Earth Star in the period from 2004 to the end of 2023, belonging to the Lower Epoch of the 28th Three Epochs which lasts 180 years from 1864 to the end of 2043

Little fortune is the same global real time so it is better to see the whole world. The eight directions and the center then refer to the geographical areas of the earth.
It's not so bad at the current fortune at a glance, white Earth is better than black Earth. But as mentioned above, the fortune in the middle of an Epoch was stagnant Earth Qi and was still clamped on the lower clamp, two Woods joined together to restrain one Heaven Center. The left side was deflated by White Six - Metal Star, the right side spent effort to prevent White One - Water Star. So the Covid pandemic is not over yet.
Covid is a matter of soil, so Earth qi governs. The two branches of the Northeast and the Southwest are of course involved first. Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam in the land of Wood were cut by the Red Seven - Metal Star and difficult to resist. Fortunately, this fortune is only until 2023.

Nine Stars of the Year (Year Fortune)
The Nine Stars of a year are calculated according to the decreasing direction of the number of Luoshu. From 1 to 9, down 8, down 7, down 6, down 5, down 4, down 3, down 2, down 1, down 9 again and so on.
The first year of the Three Epochs, the year of the Jia-Rat, is owned by White One - Water Star. The second year, Yi-Ox is owned by Burgundy Nine - Fire Star, the third year, Bing-Tiger is owned by White Eight - Earth Star..., etc.
The first year is White One, after a 9-year cycle, it returns to White One, so the 10th and 19th years are White One. The 20th year ie the last year of Fortune 1, is Burgundy Nine and the first year of Fortune 2 is White Eight. According to that, the first year of the third Fortune is Luc Bach, the first year of the fourth is the Green Four, the first year of the fifth is the Black Two, the first year of the 6th is the Burgundy Nine, the first year of the 7th is the Red Seven, The first year of the 8th is Yellow Five, the first year of the 9th is Blue-Three. The next Three Epoch's 1st move starts from White One again.
Fortune 1, Fortune 4, Fortune 7 are the first fortunes of each Epoch. The first year of each Epoch is also the year of the beginning of a round of the Jia-Rat. Therefore, the year of the Jia-Rat of the Upper Epoch is White One, the year of the Jia-Rat of the Middle Epoch is the Green Four, the year of the Jia-Rat of the Lower Epoch is Red Seven.We have the table below of 60 years of the Jia-Rat round with 3 Epochs

This year is the year the Xin-Ox belongs to the Lower Epoch, look up the above table and see that White Six dominates the whole world

It must be said immediately that Southeast Asian countries this year are extremely bad. Yellow is the worst color that originally was in the center and now jumps to the periphery and closes right on the Southeast land. While the world situation has been relatively bright because White Six - Metal Star of the year was begotten by the Fortune's White Eight - Earth Star, Southeast Asia is still heavily soiled, so Covid can't be cured. Although the earth's qi on the land of Wood tries to control Earth Star, but there is a lot of Earth, so Wood is overwhelmed.
The situation in the North is also bad. This year is the year of treatment of water, Earth control Water, but Water was generated by Metal in Heaven Center so that the water turned upside down and Earth was under, so Earth was drifted, so causing a thousand-year flood once in Chinese history.
The West is also Earth but it is yang Earth at the top, so it doesn't matter, and it both beget its earth's qi and the Heaven Center, so implementing the global issue this year.

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