I Ching Algorithm: Teaching the Machine Learning Feng Shui


We used to talk about the Tao, finding the way to the optimal solution, so what is the Tao?
Tao is the universal law of the growth of all things, the way of evolution of all species in heaven and earth. Tao is the morality of social justice, the equal right to the development opportunities of all individuals and a prerequisite for making the most of social resources to ensure optimal development efficiency. The Tao indicates which male and female couples are age match to have the potential to produce children useful to society. Breeding, as well as other activities in general, must seek good and avoid evil. Tao also tells which direction in space is suitable for each individual, ie Feng Shui…, etc.
Tao includes what we already know and what we don't know. The laws of thousands of generations, although very precious, are not enough. Finding new rules by reasoning is beyond human ability. For the universe, only the small universe in the human brain is qualified to discover its laws. Even we ourselves do not understand how our own brains perceive. That's why sometimes we have a flash of wisdom in our heads and other times not. Representatives of the brain are artificial intelligence programs that add rules to solve problems.
But first we have to teach Machine Learning the initial premises. Creating equal opportunities for individuals to grow can be easily accomplished by initializing populations using a uniform probability distribution. In this lesson we teach Machine Learning the Feng Shui


1) What is the trigram number?
The number of trigram is not a mysterious number, it is simply the ordinal number of the hexagram, but is read backwards.
After a long time of awareness, the ancients finally approached the binary number sequences. If we replace the solid line with bit 1 and the dashed line with bit 0 then the Eight Trigrams is written exactly as 8 3-bit binary sequences

The eight hexagrams above are in the correct ascending order of the regular binary sequence. The first is the Earth hexagram, the Mountain hexagram, ..., the last is the Heaven hexagram. But Eight Trigrams is used to predict the future, at the earliest time we receive a signal from the furthest future, so the hexagram order must be read backwards. For example, in a general way, suppose that the Earth hexagram is used to predict the events of the day. Because the prediction point is coming up, a lot of information has been burned, the surprise of the information is less, so corresponding to the hexagram Earth which be the smallest hexagram, carrying the least information. Now we consider a further fact - 1 day away, according to the line of reasoning, the hexagram used to predict is the next hexagram, the Mountain hexagram. So for 1-day prediction we have to see the Mountain hexagram first. Until tomorrow ie 1 day has passed, the event 1 day away has become the event of the day, so now we see the Earth hexagram, that is, the Mountain hexagram in the order that is seen before the Earth hexagram. Of course this is just an imaginary example, the fact that the hexagram of a particular event is not simply linear in time like that. But logically for an infinite set of facts and for an ordered set of hexagrams, we can make such an assumption. And the order of the hexagrams is read in reverse, the first is the Heaven hexagram, the Lake hexagram, ..., and the last is the Earth hexagram

We read in order: Heaven 1, Lake 2, Fire 3, Thunder 4, Wind 5, Water 6, Mountain 7, Earth 8.
These ordinal numbers are the numbers of the trigrams. The number of a trigram characterizes the ordinal number of the hexagram and the distance of the predicted future, relative to time. In terms of space, it is the id of the hexagram that establishes one of the eight directions of static space that we consider below

2) The Eight Trigrams cover 8 directions in space
The Heaven hexagram is identified as 1, the element Metal, white, in the Northwest direction. The Lake hexagram is identified as 2, with the element Metal also, white in color, in the main direction of the West. The hexagram Fire has the identifier of 3, the element Fire, red, in the main direction of South...

3) The transformation hexagrams of the Eight Trigrams
8 hexagrams make continuous changes of dime one by one, each hexagram turns 8 times. After 7 turns, each hexagram will turn into the remaining 7 hexagrams in the Eight Trigrams. The 8th time it returns to its original state, so it's called RETURN. Each hexagram has 3 dimes, the upper dime turns first, and then the middle dime in the second. The third time it turns the lower dime, then it goes up it turns the middle dime at the fourth time. The fifth time it turns upper dime, then it goes down to turn the middle dime on the sixth time. The seventh turn the lower dime, then the middle dime on the eighth and end.
The hexagrams make for a very interesting rule about good and bad relationships between hexagrams and can be grouped

The first turn: The pairs of owner hexagram/turned hexagram are the same element or mutual. The Heaven/Lake pair goes with the Metal, the Earth/Mountain pair goes with the Earth. Pairs of Fire/Thunder Wood-Fire are mutual. Pairs of Wind/Water Water-Wood are mutual. This turn is very good, increases vitality for pairs of hexagrams, so it is called LIVE.
The second time is the pairs of opposite hexagrams, 4 pairs of hexagrams are opposite imported, which means that the turned hexagram fights down the owner hexagram, which is heavy harming, and the 4 pairs are opposite exported means that the owner hexagram fights down the turned hexagram, although it is lighter but also causes loss. The harm at times is heavy and at times light like a demon's harassment, so it is called a DEMON.
For the third time, there is only 1 pair of opposite hexagrams, Fire/Water ie Fire-Water, the other 3 pairs of hexagrams are mutual or the same element, called LUCKY.
For the fourth time, half mutual half opposite, the ancients called it KILLING, ie harming its own family.
The fifth turn is also half mutual, half opposite, called HARMFUL.
The sixth turn is all mutual, good, called HEALTHY.
The seventh time the turn is extremely bad, all pairs are opposite, called DEATH.
The eighth turn to return to the original state of the hexagram, is the RETURN.

4) Applying the hexagrams turning of the trigrams into Feng Shui
Looking at the table of 8 turning hexagrams above, we see that there are 4 times of good turn: LIVE, LUCKY, HEALTHY, RETURN are green. 4 times bad turn are: DEMON, KILLING, HARMFUL, DEATH are color of mourning.
Follow the green columns and browse row by row of the hexagrams we notice:
Row of Heaven: Heaven turns into Lake, Earth or Mountain, which is good.
Row of Lake: Lake turns into Haeven, Mountain or Earth, which is good.
Row of Fire: Fire turns into Thunder, Water or Wind, which is good.
Row of Thunder: Thunder turns into Fire, Wind or Water, which is good.
Row of Wind: Wind turns into Water, Thunder or Fire, which is good.
Row of Water: Water turns into Wind, Fire or Thunder, which is good.
Row of Mountain: Mountain turns into Earth, Lake or Heaven, which is good.
Row of Earth: Earth turns into Heaven, Mountain or Lake, which is good.
Thus, there are two groups of hexagrams
Group of 4 hexagrams Heaven, Lake, Earth, Mountain turning into each other all are good.
Group of 4 hexagrams Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind turning into each other all are good.
Checking on 4 mourning columns, each hexagram in one group turning to any hexagram in the other group is bad.
Feng Shui calls the Heaven, Lake, Earth, Mountain groups West Four Lake, representing the Western group; Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind groups are East Four Lake, representing the Eastern group. The two groups combine into the Eight Lake Feng Shui.
As a result, people with a birth sector in the West Four Lake group when building a house should not have their house turn in the direction of the hexagrams in the East Four Lake group, and vice versa.
For example, a man born in 1992 with the birth sector of Mountain should only take the direction of the house in the Northeast, West, Southwest or Northwest directions, avoiding the North, South, East and Southeast directions.
The above hexagrams grouping is also applied to see if a couple is the right age or not. Two people from two conflicting groups will find it difficult to get along.

The following statement is always true: The optimal point of any problem, if not in the East, then in the West. According to the rules of grouping the Feng Shui hexagrams, the population will form 2 groups of individuals: one group is East Four Lake and the other is West Four Lake

In the previous example, we know that the expected hexagram is the Mountain hexagram. It belongs to the "West Four Lake" group, so individuals of the "East Four Lake" group never reach the green areas in which the Mountain hexagram is located. Because the evolutionary chances of individuals are equal, under the requirement of the objective function "West Four Lake" group firmly prevail, and "East Four Lake" group is gradually eliminated.
It's not difficult for the Machine Learning to "memorize" Feng Shui rules, it's just like a regular program. More importantly, after a period of learning under the requirements of the objective function, it realizes one thing: The optimal solution lies in the West, not the East. This can be generalized to any problem.
We also see that unsupervised Machine Learning like I Ching Algorithm is always more magical than supervised Machine Learning!

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