I Ching Algorithm: How to study, apply and develop the I Ching?


There's a little story. Eight Lake Feng Shui was mistaken when assigning Flying Sector with a hexagram. Flying Sector, Flying Star, Destiny Sector or Birth Sector are different names of the Nine Stars according to each person's year of birth.
Considering a man born in the year of the Geng-Horse in 1990, looking up the table of Jia-Rat Round With Three Epochs, the Nine Stars is White One. Feng Shui has assigned this Flying Sector with the hexagram Water, creating a contradiction with the Nine Stars. In the picture below, on the left is the Nine Stars. The whole is Water qi. For White One's destiny, of course, the best direction is North because White Six - Metal Star both mutual interacts with the Heaven Center and generates the earth's qi, which is enhanced by the Heaven Center. But on the right, because of self-assignment of the Water hexagram, Eight Lake Feng Shui thinks that the North is "Return", which is the least good direction. Similarly, the Southwest direction of the Red Seven  - Metal Star is completely mutual and cannot be "Death" as the conclusion of Eight Lake Feng Shui

So where's the mistake?

Anatomy of The Luo River Diagram matrix

We know that the Luoshu matrix represents the spatial transformation of the qi. According to the intention of the ancients, the universe is always in motion, so each person has a certain coordinate in Luoshu space even though it is on the same geographical location. Right. But we need to understand the role of Luoshu matrix, what are Luoshu numbers in fact?
The spatial transformation matrix i.e. it maps one space into another. In general, a square matrix of order 3 is denoted as follows:

A point (x1, x2, x3) in the real scene is mapped through the matrix into the qi field space, which is a logical space, a virtual space

In the problem, aij is a Luoshu number and xj is a geographical coordinate. We see
    • Each geographic location has a different geo qi, xj determines the geologic location
    • the Loushu number aij is a heaven qi corresponding to a star, a qi field
    • The heaven qi aij is a coefficient that scales the geo qi position in the linear mapping, placing the object in a new position in the space of the Nine Stars qi field, causing different effects on all things.
    • The geo qi depends on xj value, plays an important role and is independent of heaven qi.
    • The coefficients aij i.e. Luoshu numbers have no correlation in azimuth.
The Luoshu numbers have no bearing, it is in terms of geometrical correlation only. If we only do rudimentary analysis as above, it is not enough to describe the universe.
We need to observe the universe according to Artificial Intelligence thinking: Not trivial and Imprecise.
Quantitative value is not important, the rule of numbers is more important. Instead of focusing on the coefficients aij in the geometric transformation, we focus on the mapping matrix. The properties of the matrix determine the properties of the mapping, that is, how the qi fields of the universe change. Forgetting that each Luoshu number is an aij coefficient, we have a matrix data table, which is Star Table, right in front of us. Then one central number and eight peripheral numbers defining the eight directions are obvious. That is the effect of the approach of Data Mining. Based on the Data Mining thinking, we also see the reason why the qi field in the center dominates the whole world as follows

Why does the central qi field dominate the whole world?
Take care of the data only!
We perform the convolution, using a kernel matrix which is the square matrix order 3 below applying to the Star Table

Suppose applied to Star Table of White One - Water Star, ie matrix

The result of the convolution is the matrix

Another example, for White Eight - Earth Star

The resulting matrix is

Obviously, the number in the center is the most important, the main feature of the Star Table, so the qi in the center governs the whole world.

Pre Fortune, Middle Fortune and Post Fortune
Having said that it is necessary to consider the data of the Luoshu matrix, but the arrangement of the numbers is closely related to the determinant of the matrix, so we consider the determinant of the matrix.
Recall property 2 of the matrix determinant:
“Swapping two rows (or two columns) of a determinant we get a new determinant that is equal to the old determinant multiplying by −1.”
Thus, if we swap two rows (or two columns) an even number of times, the determinant does not change. Starting from the White One fortune, swapping rows 2 and 3, then swapping rows 1 and 3, then swapping columns 2 and 3, finally swapping columns 1 and 2, we get the Green Four fortune

From the Green Four fortune we continue to swap column 1 and column 2, then row 2 and row 3, then column 1 and column 3, finally row 1 and row 3 we get the fortune of Red Seven

For each above fortunes, rows or columns is swapped 4 times, so the determinant does not change, so the fortunes White One, Green Four, and Red Seven have the same determinant. That means their arrangement of Luoshu numbers, in other words their qi fields have common characteristics.
Similarly, we can easily prove that the fortunes of Black Two, Yellow Five, and White Eight have the same determinant. The fortunes of Blue Three, White Six, and Burgundy Nine are also.
From here we can give the new concepts, the fortunes White One, Green Four, and Red Seven - the first fortunes of a Epoch are the Pre Fortune. The fortunes of Black Two, Yellow Five, and White Eight - the middle fortunes of a Epoch are Middle Fortune. The fortunes of Blue Three, White Six, and Burgundy Nine - the last fortunes of a Epoch are Post Fortune.
In addition, we also find that there is a cycle of qi through every 3 fortunes, that is, a 60 year qi cycle. This cycle is exactly as long as 1 round of Jia-Rat, but for any fortune, not necessary to start a round of Jia-Rat.
Currently we are in Middle Fortune in the Lower Epoch of the 28th Three Epochs.
We can also state it briefly: Middle Fortune is Earth qi.

There is no direction for the center
Luoshu numbers originally have no connections to the geometric directions. By observing Luoshu table data, eight peripheral sectors on the table have eight directions compared to the center. And the center sector is located in the center of the table or center of the forecast object, it cannot have a geographical direction compared to itself. The assignment for the center sector as the above example of White One - Water Star with the Water hexagram in the North is wrong.
Hexagram can only be generated from a natural signal at the time of prediction, cannot be the calculation result in advance like Nine Stars. Hexagram identifies a direction but comes from the signal of the future and approaching the universe's qi in another way. Hexagram doesn't know what a heaven qi is, what a geo qi is, which means the qi it feels has both heaven qi and geo qi, not only heaven qi in the Heaven Center of the Star Table.
The hexagram numbers determine the space while the Luoshu numbers transform the space, they belong to two different processes and cannot be assigned to each other. Speaking of hexagrams is referring to the hexagram numbers, not the Luoshu numbers. The hexagram numbers or trigram numbers are formed from The Yellow River Chart with the first version of the Eight Trigrams called the Former Heaven Eight Trigrams. The Luoshu numbers are formed from the Luoshu with the later version of the Eight Trigrams called the Latter Heaven Eight Trigrams. The Latter Heaven Eight Trigrams version only changed the azimuth of the hexagrams to what it is now and of course there is no change in the hexagram numbers. Therefore, there are only former heaven azimuth and latter heaven azimuth, but not the so-called "former heaven numbers" and "latter heaven numbers". That is why Thieu Khang Tiet - the famous I Ching expert of the Song Dynasty used the latter heaven azimuth with the hexagram numbers as usual to predict it was common sense, not he combined the latter heaven azimuth with the "former heaven numbers" as many books mistakenly believe. That is, the hexagram numbers and the Luoshu numbers are two different problems with different roles, should not understand the Luoshu numbers as the "latter heaven numbers" of the hexagram, but assigning them to the hexagrams will lead to mistakes.
Misperception leads to harmful things: Making people apply blindly and make the I Ching become contradictory and bullshit.
Developers who use Eight Lake Feng Shui (such as Feng Shui Compass software), the feng shui masters and people who spread this department should carefully review the issue, avoiding the release and practicing harmful things to the society.
However, fairness that, Eight Lake Feng Shui is not completely wrong. It is wrong to assign Flying Sector, but the grouping of East Four Lake and West Four Lake on hexagrams has a strict basis and can be applied to other things.

How to study, apply and develop the I Ching?
In order to treat the I Ching as a valuable source of knowledge, we need to agree on the following rules:
    1. Applicable to full trust for basic rules such as Yin Yang, Five Elements, Eight Trigrams, Luoshu.
    2. Applying conclusions that have no clear basis but have become a rule in practice.
    3. The conclusions have no base that are not enough samples that make the prediction results at times true, at times false, is noise in the cognitive network. Do not apply.
    4. False perceptions right in arguments that need to be removed (case of Eight Lake Feng Shui).
    5. The achievement of the ancient people's intellectual labor accumulated for thousands of years are very precious. These two problems are really scientific: The Eight Trigrams defines binary numbers and defines space; The Luo River Diagram forms decimals and spatial transformations in the space-time context. But awareness always goes up. Today we have more conditions to study, adjust and supplement the I Ching as a scientific continuation.
    6. Machine Learning can supplement rules or recover awareness.

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