How to install Omarine from a USB stick?


Making an Omarine installation USB stick

After downloading omarine-5.1-dvd.iso or newer, you run the isohybrid command to make it bootable as a hard disk:

isohybrid -u omarine-5.1-dvd.iso

Your USB stick, say /dev/sdb. You run wipefs command to wipe the USB stick, as the root user:

wipefs -a /dev/sdb

Then run this command to copy the image into the USB stick, still as the root user:

dd if=omarine-5.1-dvd.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M

Now you have an Omarine installation USB stick.


To install Omarine, you boot from the USB stick. Assume the USB stick is /dev/sdb. You mount the USB stick to /media:

mount /dev/sdb1 /media

You then install Omarine as usual. However, at the step “Select Omarine installation source” you select last item: “Install from a pre-mounted directory”

In the next step, you type /media/omarine64 as source directory

Those are all simple custom steps that need to install Omarine from a USB stick.

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