Does OpenVAS work on SELinux?


In the HACKER world it is still assumed that OpenVAS is not compatible with SELinux, the question of whether OpenVAS will work on a system using the SELinux security module remains unanswered. Just like that if no one speaks up.

This article states that OpenVAS runs fine on SELinux, as long as the security policy is updated appropriately.

OpenVAS is the best vulnerability scanner for compliance assessment, providing live information on severity, risk rating, remediation, etc.

In the OpenVAS setup check script (gvm-check-setup) there is a piece of code like this:

The script requires the SELinux status to be “Disabled” in order to execute.

We need to remove the above code. OpenVAS can run fully functional when SELinux is in “Enabled” state, even policy enforcement mode is “enforcing”.
To start OpenVAS, run sudo gvm-start

The browser is automatically opened and takes us to to start using the scanner

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