Binary Qt Creator package version 4.9.82


Qt Creator is a leading integrated development environment (IDE) on the desktop. However, the binary package that Qt company provides to the community is not entirely compatible with the systems. For example, Qt is currently providing binary Qt Creator version 4.9.0. This version is built with Qt version 5.12.2. Therefore, for systems using newer Qt (Qt 5.12.3 - the latest version), a conflict will occur. To fix this, you need to put the system Qt in a separate directory like /opt and make a symlink to it. You can choose the solutions below:

1) Install multiple versions of Qt including Qt 5.12.2 and switch the symlink to it.

2) If your system supports multiple desktop environments like Omarine, switch to using a desktop environment without depending on Qt such as Xfce. Then remove the symlink.

If you are using Omarine, just update the system. We have built Qt Creator version 4.9.82 (the latest available). It is built in conjunction with Qt 5.12.3 of the system, so it uses the system library without downloading and losing a lot of disk space for a separate Qt version.

Example programs are in the system. To run an example you select it and then perform a manipulation on the dialog to copy the example program into your home directory

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