A voyage took round logs at Papua New Guinea


In the last two months I commanded a ship carrying 30 thousands cubic metres of round logs from Papua New Guinea to Shanghai. Her name is Serenity 1. In Papua New Guinea, except the formality port Kimbe, almost loading port have no Internet connection.
Average volume of 1 piece of log is 4 cubic metres, the average length is 18m. The big piece can be 20 cubic metres even 40 cubic metres (its weight is greater 40 metric tons)

The vessel loaded logs on deck high up to 8m so the projected lateral area which takes the wind is wide

Let look at the above photo, the vessel is listed to port side, exact figure is 3 degrees. That is caused by the strong breeze North East wind blowing in starboard side. However it is still safe listing angle because the legal listing angle is 16 degrees for the gale force.

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