The Artificial Intelligence Kiosk site was originally intended for Artificial Intelligence products. We then realized that applications needed the proper system, from which to form the Omarine operating system. Interestingly, the pull is not one-sided. Omarine open source operating system with thousands of software packages around the world has an impact back human-like problems.
In addition, the applications need to be presented on the Internet, Omarine is built to include server features, and therefore includes security purposes.
The name Omarine comes from Open Marine because its author was originally a captain.
Omarine and other open source products on this site are free under the terms of GPL.


We are willing to cooperate with every individual, business or organization that both parties find appropriate.

About the site owner

Full name: Pham Thanh Tuyen
He learned math at a young age. He grew up in shipping industry, becoming the first class captain and has traveled to about 30 countries. He studied mathematics and IT for many years. His forte is to integrate component software and bring thought into AI products.

You can obtain the gpg key of Pham Thanh Tuyen using the following command:

gpg --recv-keys 064413ed

You can also see key details including portrait photo:

gpg --edit-key 064413ed showphoto


Email: support@omarine.org
Phone: +84 913509520
PayPal: paypal.me/omarine64