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Are you doing an advertising campaign for your company's brand or product? Are you starting a business with confidence in your product and want many people to know them quickly? You have found the right place.

Is your company implementing projects AI and your customers or partners have difficulty accessing new technology? Our website is the leading website on open source and Artificial Intelligence in Vietnam. Our visitors, mostly technology experts, will know your projects, as the "Big electors".

Are you selling export products? Our visitors have a large percentage of US, German, Russian, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese, ...

Is your press agency overwhelmed by social networks? We are the balance point. Our visitors, intellectuals have a great influence on their family members in the crowd.

You only have to spend $25.9 for the ad position at the top of the left sidebar for 1 month. We only sell 10 such packages and your company logo has a display probability of 10%.

Make a smart investment and accompany us. We currently have thousands of hits per day. Although it is a modest number, it will not stop there. We can release online Football Prediction program and online Predict of stock market trend on this website. Imagination of hits is for you.

The advertising width is 230 px for the desktop with a viewport width of 1400 px, and takes up the entire viewport width for tablets and phones.

Our ad placement is the official ad position on the website, unlike the drifting ads on social networks so it is not closed or "report", because the person responsible is us and we do not benefit as well as not depend on such social advertising services.

If you decide to buy our ad position, please send your 512 x 512 px logo and the link.

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