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How to install additional fonts?

You can install additional fonts using the CLI or GUI.

How to increase the Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress?

There are several ways to increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress that have been introduced. Here we just consider one way that I am applying in practice. That is, modify the php.ini configuration file.
When your users upload a file in the Dashboard (Media -> Add New), there will be a notice about the maximum upload file size like this:

Remote login using ssh in enforcing mode, why enforcing mode is secure?

Accessing with ssh is indispensable for both Cloud Computing and IoT. The general principle is that there is a ssh key pair at the client and the public key will be sent to the remote machine.

SELinux with omarine policy: Gnome terminal: Fixing the security context

Gnome terminal is GNOME terminal emulator. It works based on Gnome terminal server using dbus. By default, the bus is the system bus, so if you are currently using seuser user_u with the complete context as user_u:user_r:user_t:SystemLow(s0), you will see the Gnome terminal server running in init_t domain with complete context as follows:

SELinux with omarine policy: Secure login into a security context using ssh

When you run Omarine 5.0 for the first time, the autorelabel service will start. It takes a few minutes (usually 2-3 minutes) to relabel the entire file system. During this initial launch the system will operate in permissive mode. From next time on, the system will run in enforcing mode, which means that the security policy, security server and other parts of the whole SELinux system will apply in practice, not just audit.