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How to install Omarine from a USB stick?

Making an Omarine installation USB stick

Configuring FTP server behind a NAT

We often access the Internet without having a valid IP address (expensive and not needed for the clients) but through a “proxy”. It can be an IP Masq, Proxy server or NAT (Network Address Translation) that has public IP addresses (valid) visible on the Internet. They are similar in the sense that they represent clients, perform IP address translation into their own address, and fake connection to the remote server as if they were making the request instead of an internal client.

How to create a .patch file?

Creating a patch file is a basic operation during the building of the packages. You seem to know how to do it. If so, this article lets you visualize a stage where I built the Omarine operating system. If you are a beginner, this article provides detailed instructions on how to create patch files and to patch code.

Using systemd timer

Systemd timer can be used to replace Cron for job scheduler. A timer file must be accompanied by a service file with the same name by default (except for the suffix). The service is triggered when the timer elapses. Because Omarine 6.0 does not use dcron, I write this article to guide you to create your own timer if needed.
We begin with a timer updating virus database that has been set up in Omarine 6.0. That is the pair of timer file clamav-freshclam.timer and service file clamav-freshclam.service.

Omarine Update 3.0 released!

Whenever new packages are available, Omarine Update will notify you about the update.