Football Predictions

Sat Jun 23 08:02:51 UTC 2018

Football Predictions 2.0 released!
This is a great version. The program uses ID3 algorithm to generate some checking samples. Many neural network populations are processed with different number of hidden nodes, and through a number of different weight initialization. The populations evolve to their fixed point, when all neural networks have converged, the errors on the checking sample set is used to select population whose smallest error.

Mon Jun 18 11:35:39 UTC 2018

Football Predictions - id3 released!
The id3 program is intended to create checking set for Football Predictions 2.0. However, it can also run independently.

Sun May 6 06:09:17 UTC 2018

Football Predictions 1.1 released!
Increased the generalization.

Sat Sep 3 03:05:10 UTC 2016
Football Predictions 1.0 released!
This version uses genetic algorithms to optimize neural network
Thu Jun 4 10:59:56 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp
Extended to 25 factors and 10 output values
Sun May 3 19:53:30 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.7
(Using the Neural Network without learning again)
Once learned, the program will save the results to a file named weights.txt. Next time, it will run the network instantly without having to learn again. To force the program to learn, please run the following command
./fpp --learn
Thu Apr 30 17:17:40 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.6
(MODERN NEURAL NETWORK - Powerful automated learning machine)
This version focuses on Neural Network technology. It maintains three processing layers and uses logarithmic derivatives to supervise learning.
Wed Apr 8 13:30:06 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.5 (Version of Optimized degree of learning)
This version optimizes the learning degree. Each problem has its individual learning degree in order to meet the requirements of multipurpose..
Fri Apr 3 21:52:00 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.4 (universal version)
This version is programmable. You can define factors and their properties, put sample data to solve your own problem. Everything need to do is to compose fppdata.txt file.
Fpp can be a Football predictions program, a Weather forecast program... all in one.
Sun Mar 29 21:19:58 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.3
Supported user data file. You should make a file named fppdata.txt to store samples.
Limitation: custom data but five factors only with the fixed format
Fri Mar 27 08:57:02 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.2
Accepted that several samples won’t match the calculating to obtain the logic in general.
The program “understands” the events.
Tue Mar 24 23:52:56 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.1
This version calculates 5 factors with data samples of 16 matches
Mon Mar 23 08:13:22 UTC 2015
Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.0
Usage: ./fpp  (you should make it executable first: chmod u+x fpp)
Once tried to run fpp and like it please do not hesitate to contact me
Thanks for your consideration!
Pham Thanh Tuyen <>
Tel: +84 913509520

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.7)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.7)

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.6)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.6)

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.5)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.5)

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.4)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.4)

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.3)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.3)

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.2)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.2)

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.1)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.1)

  • fpp.asc (Detached signature of fpp 0.9.0)

  • fpp (Football Predictions Program - fpp 0.9.0)

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Football Predictions 2.0 released!

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