Omarine Update 3.0 released!


Whenever new packages are available, Omarine Update will notify you about the update.

Omarine Update 3.0 is a simple script but great. It takes advantage of RPM’s package management capabilities for querying and verifying packages. From which Omarine Update 3.0 identifies the packages in the update list that your system already has, and filters out new packages that are grouped into two groups: INSTALL and UPGRADE.
The update list is checked using sha256sum. All update packages on the server are signed and verified for integrity and origin with the Omarine GPG key. Your file system is also checked for sufficient disk space before installation.
In general, you just run omarine-update without arguments, as the root user:


See omarine-update(1) for additional options.
You can use sudo if you are in permissive mode.

Install Omarine Update 3.0 as follows, as the root user:

rpm -i
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