A specific XScreenSaver configuration in Xfce


First, update your system to get the latest xscreensaver binary, as the root user:


Go to Applications → Settings → Power Manager menu. Click the System tab

Uncheck the Lock screen when system is going to sleep checkbox. If you want to use sleep mode you can put in System power saving.
Switch to the Display tab

Drag the large slider to the left to turn off Display power management. In the Blank after section, drag the Plugged in slider to the left to Never. Click Close.

Activate xscreensaver service:

systemctl --user enable xscreensaver
systemctl --user start xscreensaver

Run the xscreensaver-demo program

Set Blank After to be equal to Cycle After, eg 5. Check the Lock Screen After checkbox and set the value to 1.

Click Advanced

Check the Power Management Enabled checkbox. Set Standby After to 10. Set Suspend After and Off After to maximum value, 1440.

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